Saturday + 11 miles


Right now I am laying on the couch relaxing because I don’t have to work today (woohoo!). I work at a thrift store and I work a lot of Saturdays, so it’s a real treat to have the day off! I will probably spend my day catching up on homework, hanging out with my dad, maybe going on a lunch date, and watching some movies.


lounging in some PRO Compression

This Morning

This morning was a cloudy one so it was the perfect time for a run!


very rare in Phoenix!


typical “I’m going for a run” picture

I headed out hoping to complete 11 miles, and I did! This is actually the longest distance I’ve done without having to take a walking break. When I ran my half marathon, I had to start walking up the hills around 10.2 miles, so this is a big deal for me! I’m running another half marathon in mid-December, and I’m working to my goal of running the whole thing with no breaks.


Something to note- when I say that I “run,” it’s actually more of a jog.  As you can see, on my long runs my average pace is usually around 11:40. Obviously the shorter the distance, the faster I can run; but I really do like going slow and enjoying my run! And I like the whole being able to breathe thing.

I should probably own this shirt


Hey, at least I love peanut butter 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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