Hi there, and happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty chill, which was a really nice change of pace. the rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and watching movies, and Sunday included church, homework, and a family game night.


I initially started typing up this post on my lunch break between classes, but phone blogging was not working for me! My phone kept freezing and it just turned into a mess. I initially wanted to post in the mornings because that’s when I love to read blogs, but that just isn’t going to happen at this point in time. I was then hoping that I could sneak a post in on my lunch break, but my phone killed that idea! So for now, I believe I’ll try to post between 5:30 and 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, around 2pm on Fridays, and possibly some Saturdays (after my long training runs). I know that schedule is a total mess, but I’ll just have to try things out to figure out what works for me! Hang in there 🙂


I had three classes today. I have a pretty big lunch break between classes, so today I stopped by a little restaurant on campus to grab a salad!



I got romaine, cucumbers, carrots, chicken, pita chips (the best part!), and Italian dressing. It was a good one!

After school, I had about an hour before I went to church for another FPU class (Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University). It’s a good class and I’m learning a lot about how to handle money!

Have a good evening, I’ll catch ya later!


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