Runner’s Den Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon 2014

Happy Friday!!

I hope you all had a great week!

On December 15, I ran the Runner’s Den Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon (the actual race doesn’t have a website at this point, but it is put on by Race Place Events). I really enjoyed this race! The weather was great, and the scenery was pretty. We ran through Scottsdale, so our course took us past beautiful homes, shops, and golf courses.


my pretty medal!

To be honest, my mindset was pretty crappy going into this race. I was joking with my parents that they’d probably have to wait about 4 hours for me to finish! I was pretty sure I’d half to walk about half the thing, because I had pretty much taken 3 weeks off after my first half marathon. Well, it turned out to be a PR! I ran the half in 2:29:18 (about 4 minutes faster than my first half). I was so excited to beat the 2:30 mark! Apparently my legs work better with a good deal of rest!


after my PR! Picture via Instagram

My only complaint about this race was that it needed more porta-potties!! There were only 3 at the 5k start (none at the half start!), and I only saw about 6 at the finish (there could have been more, but I didn’t see them). Along the course, there was only one at each water station, so the lines were pretty long at some points. That being said, the good outweighed the bad at this race! I really loved it and plan to do it again this year 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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