A Bleh Day

I hope your week has been off to a good start!

Yesterday was pretty “bleh” for me. My mom has had a nasty cold for the past few days, and yesterday I woke up feeling the start of one as well. I decided to sleep in a little and skip my strength workout, hoping I’d feel a little better. No such luck! Throughout the day, I had a sore throat, stuffy head, and an upset stomach. Needless to say, it was a pretty long day at school! My head just didn’t feel “there.” That being said, I made it through it. I took my first Chemistry exam and got an 80%…not what i wanted, but it could have been worse. On a more positive note, I got my nails done yesterday!

photo 1 (2)

The picture makes them look like a reddish-orange color, but they’re actually a pinkish-red! I love them so far 🙂 The rest of the night was spent hanging out and playing GameCube (old school!).


Today I mostly worked on Valentines Day crafts (more to come on that later) and did some shopping. I came across something interesting at Target…

photo 2 (2)

Why do I not own these? And how did I now know they existed? Craziness…

I had class at three, and I’ve just been hanging out and working on homework since I got home.

Have a great night!

Have you seen or tried the new Oreo flavor?


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