Weekend Recap

Hello! Sorry this post is coming at you pretty late, I’ve had a lot going on today. I’ll give you guys a recap of my weekend; but first…

Thoughts and Prayers

Last night my friend was in a pretty bad bike crash. He ended up cracking a few ribs, some vertebrae, and his sternum- in addition to sustaining head trauma. Good news is that he is going to be okay, and he doesn’t need surgery! He’s just going to be hurting a lot while he heals. Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!

Onto the weekend…


Throughout last week, the forecast for Saturday had shown 100% chance of rain! You guys..this is a BIG DEAL here in Arizona. But Saturday rolled around and, go figure, the chance of rain had decreased drastically. However, we still got a pretty good amount of showers throughout the day! The mountains are getting a little greener and the smog has been washed out of the air…for now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Saturday morning I headed out for a run. Something to note about Phoenix: it can go from pouring to sunny in about 2 minutes. When I got outside, I was wearing my running capris and a tank top. I usually don’t wear running capris unless its very cold, but it was raining out so I figured they’d be safe. I did not, however, want to run in the rain wearing a tank top. I went back inside to put on a long sleeve, and by the time I got back outside (only about 45 seconds later, mind you), the rain was gone! I decided to tough it out in my long sleeves. Let me tell you, I was a sweaty mess by the time I was finished. Long sleeves + pants + rain = too much heat and humidity for me to handle.


Luckily, I survived and completed 4 miles in about 45 minutes. I worked from 10 to 5 Saturday then went to Ben’s house for the evening. We watched the second Thor movie, and I thought it was really good!


I opted to skip church Sunday to sleep in and begin to tackle some of the homework on my to-do list. Unfortunately, I woke up before 8 (I was really hoping to sleep a lot later, considering my body is always tired these days). I woke up, had breakfast (my favorite green juice + 1 waffle with peanut butter), and began my homework. My Principles and Foundations of Exercise and Wellness midterm is this Friday, and there areย a lotย of terms to be memorized. Eek!


I made note cards until I ran out (66 note cards total), and studied them for a while. ย We normally do family game night on Sundays, but it was cancelled due to my friend being in the ER (most of Ben’s family was there with him). So I went over to Ben’s, helped him finish up dinner and clean up the kitchen, and watched some TV until the others got home.


Today started with a 1 mile run/1 mile walk. I’m taking exercise easy this week since I’m “tapering” before my 10k this Saturday. I then headed to school for my Chemistry lab. Around 1, I headed to work. I only worked until a little after 3- they let me go early today. After I got home, Ben and I went to the hospital to visit our friend. We then went for a quick, flat, 1.4 mile hike. After our hike, we ran a few errands and hit up Chick-fil-A for dinner (love, love, love their chicken nuggets!). We watched a little TV and had dessert at his house. Now I’m home, typing up this post! I plan to prepare some other posts for the week, work on some homework, and head to bed. I’m pretty exhausted, and I can’t wait to get this week over with. I have Disneyland on my mind!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you like Chick-fil-A?

What did you do this weekend?

Do you taper the week before a race?


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