5k Foam Fest

Happy Monday!

My spring break is officially over 😦 I can’t complain though; my 10k, Disneyland trip, and the Foam Fest made for a pretty good time!

Yesterday, Ben and I went for a 7 mile bike ride. I never ride bikes, so it was a nice change for me! It’s got me thinking about taking up biking to cross-train, but we’ll see 🙂 Since we rode yesterday and had a pretty busy day Saturday, I decided to take it easy this morning and go for a walk.

photo (1) - Copy


I had to walk in my old shoes because my Mizunos are dirty (see below). I decided not to run in these because they are way too small and not supportive at all! No wonder I used to get blisters and shin splints so often! I walked for about 30 minutes before it was time to head home and start getting ready for the day.

5k Foam Fest

By now, you all probably know that Ben and I (along with Ben’s sister) ran the 5k Foam Fest Saturday. It was my very first obstacle run, so I was anxious to see what it was like! The run took place at Schnepf Farms, which was absolutely beautiful. I had never been to Queen Creek before, so it was neat to see all the farms, trees, and animals. It was also a pretty perfect location for this particular run.

photo 2

Waiting to start!

We were signed up for the 9:00 AM wave, which was pretty packed. Participants went in waves every 10 minutes. By watching others before us, we learned that the waves on the hour (8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM…) were the busiest, while the other waves (8:10, 8:20, 8:30…) were pretty small- only about 10 or 15 people per wave. They try to keep the waves small so that the obstacles don’t get too congested. We were pretty bummed that our 9:00 AM wave was so packed, but lucky for us, they let about half of the 9:00 AM wave go with the 8:50 wave! This left our wave pretty small, which was nice.

For about the first mile and a half, it was a little disappointing. We were thinking that there would be crazy obstacles the whole way, but the first half consisted of more running than obstacles; and the obstacles were pretty small. For example, one of the first obstacles was climbing over a stack of hay- not exactly crazy! Some of the other obstacles were pretty anticlimactic as well, likely because A) they were a lot smaller than in the video (I’m guessing it varies by location) and B) Ben, his sister, and I were usually the only ones going through the obstacles at the time.

The race consisted of mostly walkers, which was totally cool. I felt like I needed to walk a lot, but Ben kept us going! We decided that we wanted to stay together because we knew it would be more fun that way. This meant that Ben had to slow down for us quite a bit, cause our legs were burnin’! I think that running over the “trails” was a good workout for my legs! Since I usually just run on asphalt, this run gave me a little taste of trail running. Staying together was a great decision. I have no doubt that it wouldn’t have been near as fun if the three of us had separated.

After a few more so-so obstacles, we hit the mud crawl! This is where it started getting fun. We all got into a pit of mud to crawl under ropes…and it was tough! Our feet kept slipping and sliding all over the place! Once I finally made it out of the thing, I was covered almost head to toe in mud!

photo 1

We had just gotten out of the mud pit

From there, we proceeded to the wall climb. I’m pretty afraid of heights, but this was okay for me because it wasn’t too tall. It was just really slippery! It made me a little uneasy, but Ben stayed right there and helped me through it until I got down.

photo 3

I’m on the far left struggling to get over the wall- and that’s Ben wondering why I’m taking so long 😉

After the wall, we made it to the “death drop!” The death drop is a 40 foot slide that is almost completely vertical! I wasn’t too nervous about this one at first; I figured that once I got to the top I’d be okay (I really hate ladders, and they were all slippery). I was wrong! I started getting pretty freaked out when I got to the top and looked down. Below is a picture of the slide from the website. Ours looked a little different, but it was still the same idea.


Via 5kfoamfest.com

It doesn’t look that tall, but it was pretty scary! The man working the slide told me to cross my arms, lean back, and go! Of course it was super fun once I did it 🙂 When I made it to the bottom, a took a TON of mud to the eyes. I literally could only see brown. Thankfully, Ben’s parents were there to pour water in my eyes and help me wipe them out!

photo 4

At the bottom of the slide!

photo (1)

Waiting in line for the last obstacle…the cargo climb!

The very last obstacle was the “cargo climb.” The cargo climb is a 12 foot tall rope net that you must climb up, turn around, and climb back down. This terrified me. Being up high= scary. Being on something wobbly and unstable= scary. Being up high on something wobbly and unstable= SUPER SCARY. Again, Ben was there to help me through it. He even told me where to put my feet!

photo 5


photo 1 (2)

Starting to freak out..

photo 2 (2)

Trying to turn around…sheer terror at this point

Once we made it down the cargo climb, it was off to the finish! To end the run, we ran and jumped through a slip n’ slide. Then it was off to receive our water, shirts, and medals!

photo 4 (2)

After the finish…we were “filthy clean!”

After we attempted to dry off and change, we headed to Rudy’s for lunch. I got the pulled pork sandwich and new potatoes, my favorite 🙂 It was a good day!

Do you like obstacle runs?

Are you afraid of heights?

P.S- This race was pretty expensive for a 5k; we ended up paying around $60 after receiving a $14 discount via coupon code. I know that the price is due to all of the obstacles, but it was still kind of painful to pay that much 😉 We are definitely doing it next year, because our friend who was injured was not able to run it with us. After that, we probably won’t do it anymore. It’s just a lot of money for a run that was so-so half of the time. That being said, it was absolutely beautiful! I loved the scenery, and I really did enjoy the race- especially the second half! I believe that it will definitely be worth the money if we sign up earlier next year and get the early bird price. I definitely recommend this race to someone who wants to try an obstacle race but doesn’t want a lot of added pressure or competition. This was really laid back and family friendly!

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