On the Agenda

Hello hello! How was the start of your week? I’m sloooowly easing back into school now that my spring break is over.


Last night was a long one. I have a huge Chemistry exam this morning, so I stayed up later than usual studying for it. I am usually pretty useless to any time after 10 PM, so I resorted to green tea to keep me awake (I don’t drink coffee of any kind, so tea is my drink of choice).

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I honestly really slacked over spring break, so I don’t feel very prepared for this exam! Plus, Chemistry has always been a rough subject for me. Wish me luck! Since I was up pretty late, I felt like I needed to sleep in today- no workout for me this morning!

Speaking of working out…

For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling somewhat with running. I love to run, but there’s a good amount of hate involved as well. Running is just so, so hard for me that it’s a constant mental struggle to keep myself going. Leading up to my 10k, I wasn’t really getting into my “longer” runs. Even though they were only 4 to 6 miles, I was just so over it. It’s funny, considering I ran two half marathons last year. I believe that I get mentally tired of running pretty easily, because this has happened to me before.


After my first half marathon- never thought it was possible!

I’ve been having conflicting thoughts lately about running. I love to race. Races are honestly my biggest motivators. If I am signed up for one, I am going to train and take it seriously. This is mostly because I want to do well and enjoy my race day, but at the very least I don’t want the registration money to go to waste 😉 For this reason, I plan on signing up for two half marathons in the winter. I love half marathons, and I know that signing up for them will get me motivated. I have also been dreaming of a full marathon. I’ve been looking at the Rock n’ Roll marathon in 2015, but I am so afraid to commit to it (due to distance, schedule, etc). I’ve also been questioning if I can even do it! If I get burnt out training for a 10k, how am I supposed to train for and run a full marathon?! Part of me wants to just sign up and do it, but I think I am going to hold off and think about it for a few more months.


The medal from my second half marathon

That being said, here’s what’s on the agenda for me at this point in time: I still want to keep running 3 days per week, but the runs will likely be 3-4 milers; only more on days that I feel like it. I hope to focus more on strength training over the next few months. I’ll be trying to incorporate strength workouts into my routine 2 or 3 days per week. I believe that this will make me a stronger runner, and it will also likely re-ignite my passion for running!

By relaxing my workout routine a little, I will also be more flexible to do other things, like hiking or walking! I’m excited to not be training for anything, because I won’t have to beat myself up over missing a run here or there.


Hiking with friends!

I plan on taking these next few months one day at a time, but I have a feeling that after a month or two I’ll be ready to start training for something again 😉 we’ll see how it goes!

Do you ever get tired of a specific workout?

Do you like having a strict workout routine or just winging it as you go along?


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