A Bike and a Hike

Good morning! How is your week so far? I’m truckin’ along just fine over here!

Around 8:30 this morning, Ben and I rode bikes over to a nearby mountain. I forgot my Garmin (booooo), so I’m not sure exactly what our mileage was. We’re guessing that we biked about 2.5 miles round trip and hiked close to 3 miles. Not too shabby!

securedownload (2)

Side note: does anyone else feel incomplete without their Garmin? I hate not knowing how many miles I’ve done. For some reason, it’s like they don’t “count” in my mind unless I’ve properly recorded them! This is probably cause I keep a workout log and I’m kind of a number Nazi.

securedownload (5)

Attempted panoramic shot

Anyways…it was quite exhausting! Ben brought his dog, Missy, and she practically pulled him all the way to the mountain. I, on the other hand, actually had to pedal my way there! The beginning of the hike was a little rough for me, and Ben was ahead of me most of the time. I started to get it together at the end, and we had a lot of fun!

securedownload (3)

We stopped at the top to take some pictures and let Missy get teased by a squirrel and a chipmunk. You could tell she wanted to dart right off the edge to go catch them!

securedownload (6)

securedownload (4)

The Missmiss, aka the coolest dog ever

It was a good morning! Now I’m home to work on school stuff before I head to my class this afternoon. Afterward, Ben and I plan on going for a (short) walk. I’m really liking biking right now! Although my butt is pretty sore, it’s a lot of fun!

P.S.- I still need camera recommendations! I’m getting pretty tired of crappy phone pictures, and I’m sure you are too 🙂 any suggestions help!

Do you feel bummed when you forget your Garmin or watch?

Any camera recommendations?


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