My Hot Yoga Experience

Good morning to ya!

This past December, I got a chance to try out hot yoga! I was excited by the opportunity to try something new, so Ben’s sister and I attended two classes. I thought I would tell you guys about my experience!

Going into it, I really didn’t know what to expect, other than heat of course! We took two classes at Sumits Yoga. I believe the usual rates are $18 per class, but they had a deal going on for two weeks of unlimited classes for $20. Not too shabby! When we entered in the building, I could immediately feel the heat from the “studio” room, even from the lobby. It was steamy in there! The instructors warned us that as first-timers, we would probably feel pretty nauseous and dizzy. If this happened, we were to sit or lay down on our mats until we felt that we could continue. I was starting to get nervous at this point!

For those of you who don’t know, hot yoga is yoga that takes place in a room that is around 100 degrees with 40% humidity…talk about crazy! The classes are usually around 90 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to work up a good sweat. Although let’s be honest, I started sweating the minute I walked in the door.

Since it was our first time, they let us use a yoga towel for free. I brought my own yoga mat, and also a towel to wipe my face with. I also brought my 32-ounce Nalgene bottle full of ice-cold water! It was pretty hard for me to breathe in the room. I got used to it, but it didn’t make it any easier. I was pretty dizzy right from the beginning. I think I had to sit/lay down about 2 or 3 times that class. We went through what I believe is called a Bikram flow? I’m no yogi, so don’t quote me on that. Yoga is always pretty hard for me (I’m not flexible AT ALL and I have pretty bad balance), but I admit that I was more flexible than usual due to the heat and humidity in the room.


Me- pretty much any time I do yoga

I was able to do almost all of the poses, so I was pretty proud! I did notice that any time we had to hold our arms over our head, I became extremely light-headed. I told Ben’s sister about it, and she said it’s probably because it limits the flow of air to your lungs. Makes sense to me. I should also mention that I didn’t know that my body was even capable of producing the amount of sweat that it was! Holy moly, I was nasty sweaty. In the end, I was pretty glad for it to be over. I was feeling pretty sick and it was nice to get outside into the cold air again. Our instructor was very kind and assured us that we did great, even though I’m sure we looked ridiculous! She also told us that it gets easier the more classes you attend.

That day, it took a while for me to feel back to normal. I’m a pretty salty sweater, so I made sure to get more salt into me than usual. I also drank a lot of water, along with some Gatorade. I admit, after I started feeling a little normal, I noticed that I was feeling good. I felt light and…clean? It just took a while for me to feel okay again.

The next week, we decided to attend another class. We got to the room about 15 minutes early to get settled and lay down. The heat wasn’t too bad at first, because they only turn it up a few minutes before class starts. When the instructor came in, I saw her adjust the thermostat. I watched it creep up to 100 degrees (I think) and 40% humidity. Cue panic! I began to remember how horrible I felt the week before and was wondering what the heck I was doing back there again.


This second week was actually worse than the first one. I felt like crap the entire time and had to lay down a lot. I remember at one point, I was so dizzy that I couldn’t hear. It was literally like I was trying to listen to the instructor with ear protection on (like the kind that you wear when you go shooting). I really could barely hear anything! I had to lay down longer than usual at that point. I was telling my friend about it later, and he responded, “Uh, that’s heat exhaustion.” Great! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

Again, I was just happy for it to be over. That day, we decided we wouldn’t be going back again. I know that it gets easier as you get used to it, but I wasn’t willing to make myself miserable just to get good at it. Plus, it’s just too much money for me to pay for something that makes me sick. That day, it took me a lot longer to recover. I’m pretty sure I just laid around doing nothing all day.

Overall, I’m really glad we tried it! I have nothing but good things to say about Sumits Yoga. The instructors were very welcoming and encouraging, and everything was very clean and well-kept. I would love to be one of those people who can do hot yoga all the time, but I clearly can’t hang!

This is not to say that hot yoga won’t work for you. It totally can! It just didn’t work for me 🙂

Have a great day!

Have you ever tried hot yoga?


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