What I Did on Wednesday

^ That sounds kind of catchy, doesn’t it? Maybe it will become a thing around here 😉

My Wednesday started off with a two mile run, followed by a one mile walk. It’s funny, the sun was blazing when I was running, and almost as soon as I started to walk the sun hid behind the clouds! Kind of a bummer, but at least I got to walk in it!

securedownload (15)

After my run/walk, I completed the 15-minute “Butt Buster” workout from Nike Training Club. Oh my, my booty was burning by the end! I’m feelin’ it today! When I finished my workouts, I had a banana and two mini kolaches for breakfast. If you don’t know what a kolache is, it’s basically some sort of meat (sausage or ham usually) with cheese, wrapped up in a kind of sweet dough and baked! They also make them with fruit, but I only eat the ones made with meat. They aren’t common here in AZ (and they aren’t very good here, either), so my dad makes his own homemade now! They sure are tasty!

After breakfast, I showered and did some laundry. Then it was time to sit down and do some homework. Since it was overcast outside (and also pretty windy) I decided to sit on our back porch and read. I’m currently reading A Brief Introduction to the New Testament by Bart D. Ehrman. I’m reading it for my Intro to New Testament class, and it’s actually pretty interesting.

securedownload (10)

Being a Christian, I have read the New Testament, but I find all the facts about the culture and time very interesting. I like learning more about the rulers in place during Jesus’ time, as well as the other religions at the time.

While sitting outside reading, I enjoyed some grapes!

securedownload (9) - Copy

I started getting ready for lunch, so I decided to bake some flounder (surprise, surprise)! I just love it way too much. Easy and delicious!

securedownload (17)

My dogs all love it when I go outside, so they came out to play and say hi! We have three little Westies, each with their own personality. I’ll introduce you guys:

securedownload (14)

This is Keely, also known as Keely Belle. She is the oldest (almost 7, I think). She is my dad’s little princess, although she is far from ladylike. She is the moodiest little thing ever! If she’s in a bad mood, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. She doesn’t want you to talk to her, look at her, touch her, breathe her air…you get the point! She’s a spunky little sucker with a lot of attitude, and she cracks us up on a daily basis.

securedownload (12)

This is Cooper, my mom’s little prince. He is one year younger than Keely, and he’s a total gentleman. He is the most patient dog I have ever met, all he asks is that you love on him. He makes this really funny “sighing” sound when he wants to be pet, and he will scratch your hands with his paws until you give in! He’s a little timid, but he’s super sweet and learns to love pretty much everyone.

securedownload (13)

Meet Cody. He’s my little man. He’s the baby of the family, as he’ll be turning 3 this summer (he’s growing up so fast!). Honestly, he still acts like a puppy. He is the goofiest dog in the entire world, and he loves to play and irritate Cooper. Acting like a puppy ALSO means that he still has accidents in the house every now and then…we’re working on it. It rarely happens anymore, only if we’re gone for 7+ hours. He is also afraid of everything. Seriously. He truly hates Ben, and hides behind anything that he can when Ben comes over. Again, we’re working on it. We’re slowly but surely making progress! I just think he is the cutest thing ever! Love him to death.

So that’s Keely, Cooper, and Cody for ya! And yes, their names do get mixed up sometimes, usually when one of them is getting yelled at.

securedownload (16)

Playing around! The wind got them all hyped up

At 2, it was time for me to head to school. I went to my Chemistry recitation that lasted about 40 minutes, then headed home. Let me tell you, it was SO windy yesterday! So much so that it was seriously hard for me to walk back to my car! My sunglasses almost blew off my face, I had stuff in my eyes and mouth, and I felt like I was going to blow away!

securedownload (18)

I sent this to Ben; this was going TO school. It was way windier on the way back to my car! I had some crazy hair, that’s for sure!

When I got home, Ben came over for dinner. My dad made us pork burgers and onion rings. He made the burgers from a pig that he got when he went hunting last month, and they were really good! After dinner, Ben and I went for a walk that took us a little over a mile, then headed to sonic to get Slushes. I got lemonberry and loved it! We sat around and watched Survivor, then he headed home and I worked on more homework.

‘Twas a good day!

What did YOU do Wednesday?


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