Camera Help

Hey guys! I hope you had a good Monday!

Camera Help

As you may know, I’ve been looking for a camera lately. Nothing too fancy or expensive; just a quality, “point and shoot” camera. After looking around a bit, I’m considering the Nikon COOLPIX s9400. The reviews are mixed (as with every other product), but overall they seem good. And like I said, I’m not looking to go pro here, just to have a quality camera that will take good pictures and last me for a while.

It’s a lot of money for me to spend, so naturally I’m a little uneasy about it. I’ll do some more research for sure, but I wanted to know if any of you had experience with this camera. Some facts from the website:

  • 18.1 MP
  • 18x Zoom
  • 3.0″ OLED Display
  • Something about video that doesn’t particularly interest me

Clearly I don’t speak camera language. I pretty much only know about megapixels. I know so many great bloggers out there love their cameras, so I’d love your input!

Do you have any experience with this camera? 

What point and shoot camera do YOU use? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




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