A Busy Day

I thought that yesterday would be all fun and games since I didn’t have school!

Not so.

It turned out to be a very busy (and slightly stressful) day! I did feel like I was pretty productive though.

I slept in and got out of bed around 9 to start getting ready to workout. When I was getting ready, Rio Salado (the online college I’m taking summer school at) called me to remind me that I’m late on my tuition. Awesome. I had a problem with my tuition with Rio (needing to prove my residency and whatnot) so I called them back to find out how to resolve it. They didn’t answer and I left my name, number, and message on a callback list. Since I was assured I would be called back “as soon as a representative was free,” I didn’t want to go run. I opted to just hang at home and clean until they called back.

Since I wasn’t working out in the morning, it was time for breakfast! On the blogs I read lately, I’ve been seeing a Fitfluential campaign going around. Dannon and belVita have teamed up to offer a convenient and filling breakfast. Since I’m not a Fitfluential member, I just decided to try it myself!

I first tried the belVita biscuits about a year ago and LOVED them. I never bought my own; I just mooched off of Ben’s everyday at lunch. The cinnamon brown sugar flavor almost tastes like a graham cracker, but not quite. I just love them. They also make apple cinnamon, golden oat, blueberry, and chocolate. I will definitely be trying the chocolate 🙂

securedownload (4)

I used Fage Greek yogurt because that’s what they had at Costco.

securedownload (1)

{I apologize for the quality of these pictures…lighting was terrible and I still need a camera!}

Now, I do not like Greek yogurt. I have tried to like it time and time again, but I just.can’t.do.it. I want to like it because it’s fairly healthy, but it isn’t sweet and it has a funky texture. However, combined with belVita breakfast biscuits, I got the whole thing down! And actually enjoyed it! The yogurt by itself is probably eh (I didn’t have the courage to try it without the biscuit), but paired with the crisp sweetness of the biscuits, it was a winner!

securedownload (3)

I just used the biscuits as a spoon to scoop up the yogurt. This breakfast is high in protein and whole grains, but it is also pretty high in sugar. Just something to keep in mind.

After breakfast, I got to work cleaning my room. I feel that I must have completely given up somewhere during the semester because I had to do FIVE LOADS of laundry. I worked on my room for a couple of hours and it’s still no where near done. I’ll spare you the photos of how it looked before I started cleaning. At this point I was STILL waiting for my phone call (that never came), so I just decided to go ahead and workout. I busted out the good old P90x and did my favorite from the set- plyometrics. Tony always calls this one “the mother of all P90x workouts.” I’m not sure why I like it so much. but it is convenient that there is no equipment required (you just jump around for an hour!).


I finished feeling exhausted. I had lunch, showered, made another phone call and ended up having to go down to Tempe to get my tuition resolved. Ben decided to come with me, and long story short- the trip ended up taking hours because we had no idea where we were going.

After finally arriving home, I sat down to work on homework for probably close to 5 hours. I had a presenation today that I had to prepare for, and yesterday was also my first day of summer school. Needless to say I was exhausted when I finally got to bed around 11! I see lots of homework on the forecast for this evening as well. So much for summer 😉


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