Meet Madison (#5) – The Evolution of my Hair

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time now, but I needed to set aside time to dig up some pictures. I want to show you the evolution of my hair! Everyone who knows me knows that I am a hair-dying addict in recovery. I put highlights in my hair for the first time when I was in 3rd grade. I think that means I was somewhere around the age of 9? It wasn’t a big thing and we ended up regretting it because the highlights turned out orange instead of blonde. I gave it a rest until 6th grade when I started dying my hair consistently. I don’t have photos from every hair stage, but I tried to find pictures as best I could!


I believe this picture was taken somewhere around 6th grade. This is a pretty good representation of my natural hair color + highlights. My natural color is a light ashy brown. I also obviously tanned a lot.


After highlighting for a while, I started adding more and more blonde until we decided to just bleach it completely. This was taken in 7th grade I believe. Sometimes I would bleach my whole head, other times we would alternate layers of bleach and darker blonde. It all just depended on what I wanted at the time. Bottom line: I was very blonde!

8th grade year, I decided to dye it brown. This was a HUGE change, and none of my friends liked it (of course they didn’t tell me that at the time). It took a little getting used to, but everyone learned to love it dark. Although I continually dyed it brown, the bleach came through and it always ended up looking like this:


This was the very end of my 8th grade year. Looking back, I actually kind of like that color!


I believe that this one was taken the summer before my freshman year. My friend and I got really into dying our hair crazy colors. My hair looks purple in the photo above, but I am pretty positive it was just brown. The lighting may have made it look purple. The blue was definitely blue though!



The photos above are pictures of what my hair color would look like when it faded. It would either turn to an ash blonde or a kind of orange/bronze color. And don’t ask about the hat, I really have no idea…


This picture was from sophomore year. My hair was just good ole brown. It was a little short because I had cut it. This brown would continue to fade to a light brown or bronze color if I stopped dying it.


This was the beginning of my junior year. I was dying my hair so dark that it almost looked back, but it would fade to a brown a few weeks after I dyed it.



These pictures were also taken junior year, when I started dying my hair a red/purple/brown color. It might be hard to see in the pictures, but it would look pretty dark brown normally, but in the sunlight it would look like a deep reddish/purple.


I believe that this was senior year when I went through a redhead phase. It’s REALLY red in some of the other pictures that we have from that day. It was the worst when this red faded. It would turn totally orange and it just looked awful. Unfortunately, even when I started dying it dark brown again, the red would eventually fade through. It’s really hard to get those red undertones out once they’re in there!


Senior pictures: it was back to dark brown again.


This picture was graduation night. I dyed my hair a good brown color, not too dark and not too light. Then, a few days after graduation, I did this….

securedownload (1)

securedownload (2)

It was supposed to be ombre, but it ended up just looking like blonde streaks. I HATED it at first, but I warmed up to them eventually. I actually am still working on growing them out now. Here’s a view of it straightened:

securedownload (3)

I didn’t like wearing it straightened. I thought I looked like a calico cat. It looks a lot better now that it’s grown out some. Those blonde streaks were the very last time I dyed my hair! That’s right, I haven’t died it for ELEVEN MONTHS. That is crazy for someone like me. Since I wasn’t dying my hair, I got bored. Fast. So, changes needed to be made…

securedownload (4)

Bam. Chopped it all off. This happened last October. Let me tell you, my hair felt so.much.healthier. Sometimes it was a pain because I didn’t know what to do with it, but I’m so glad I did it. Now, it’s pretty much grown out again. P.S.- that’s the orange/bronze color I was talking about.


I’ve already used this picture on here, but it gives you a good representation of the current color. I’m working on growing all the dye out completely so that my hair is only my natural color! At that point I will likely end up trying to ombre it again.

securedownload (5)

I just took this picture. It gives you a good representation of the length. It’s a little messy, but you get the idea.

I hope you have enjoyed this evolution of my hair! The moral of the story is: dying your hair starts a totally vicious cycle! I would definitely recommend thinking it through A LOT before you dye your hair.

Do you dye your hair often?

Anyone out there who has NEVER dyed their hair?


2 thoughts on “Meet Madison (#5) – The Evolution of my Hair

  1. I haven’t seen my full head of hair its natural color in quite a few years. Right now I have it dyed close to its natural color to cover up some previous bleaching from last year. Right now the plan is to grow it out and stay natural. That’s the plan…it’s a lot of fun to dye hair though! 🙂

    • Growing it out has been so hard for me! It’s funny how addicting it becomes 🙂 I can’t wait until mine is grown out so I can start to ombre it, or do anything for that matter!

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