Protein Waffle

Yesterday morning, my parents and I headed out for breakfast at the U.S. Egg. I wanted to keep my choices healthy, so I was torn between getting a giant waffle or pancake, or choosing to create a healthier breakfast out of sides. Enter- the Protein Waffle!

securedownload (10)

This picture from their website does it better justice:


The waffle is made from whole wheat flour, with a mix of blueberries, granola, slivered almonds, and cinnamon. It sure was tasty! I have no idea where it stood in terms of health, but I don’t eat syrup, so that’s got to count for something, right? 😉

I ate the whole thing, plus a turkey sausage patty on the side, and it filled me up for hours! We ate around 9:30, and I didn’t eat again until 4:30. Don’t get me wrong, I was hungry at that point, and I know that going that long between meals is not healthy. I was just busy (and not home), and I actually didn’t feel that I was starving! Normally if I go even a few hours without any food I start to get hungry, but this sucker filled me right up.


This morning I woke up, read The Fault in Our Stars for about an hour, then completed Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown. And yes, I am already on the third book of my Summer Reading List. I flew through Looking for Alaska in about a day (it was great, by the way). After my workout, I had a breakfast of a mix of berries, Fage Greek yogurt, and belVita breakfast cookies.

securedownload (11)

It was tasty, but mighty sugary! I didn’t end up finishing all of it, and saved a lot of the berries for later. I think that I will now go lay out for a few minutes to work on attempting to fix my horrible runner’s tan lines!

Do you like protein pancakes/waffles?

What is your favorite breakfast restaurant?

Do any runner’s out there have AWFUL tan lines?

Seriously, I cannot even express to you how bad mine have gotten. I try sunscreen, but it doesn’t seem to do me much good!


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