Long time no talk

Hey there everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA since last week. Things have gotten a little crazy over here! I mentioned here that I was interviewing for a job. After my second interview Thursday, I got it!

Saturday was spent working at the Thrift Store, Sunday was church, paperwork for my new job, homework, and family game night. Monday I slept for about 11.5 hours, woke up to do homework, and went to Ben’s family’s house for dessert and some talking time.

Tuesday, I had orientation for my new job! It sounds fancy, but it’s totally not. We basically watched videos and did computer training for about 6 hours. They offered to let us take a break for lunch, but we decided to be heroes and work all the way through. I was starving by the end and didn’t end up eating lunch until around 3:30. That night, I headed to Ben’s for dinner and a walk.

Wednesday morning, my dad and I headed out to my new place of employment because I needed to check my schedule for next week. We drove around for a bit afterwards, and I returned home to work on homework. Around lunch time, I decided I needed to get a workout in. Because my schedule has been kind of crazy lately, my workouts have been practically non-existent. This mixed with horrible not-so-healthy eating has left me feeling pretty crappy (I even feel like I’m fighting a cold). Anyways, I took a break to do some weights. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately, so it felt good to add some weights to the mix. I am SO SORE today!! I’m liking it!

After my workout yesterday, I showered and headed to Ben’s for lunch. He made us salads with zucchini, cucumbers, pork, and chicken. After we ate, we hung out at his house for a while before heading back to my place to swim! We hung out in the pool for a while, then ordered pasta from Pizza Hut for dinner (I have totally not snapped any pictures this past week, so I apologize). We watched a little TV before Ben headed home so I could finish my homework.

I ended up working on my homework until 11:30 last night, turning it in just thirty minutes before its midnight due date. Whew! Needless to say, I’m a little tired this morning 😉

Today will likely consist of a lot of studying. I have to take my first nutrition midterm tomorrow, and I need to make sure I’m prepared. I also plan on doing this yoga DVD.

As you can see, I’ve been a little busy (and stressed) lately! Thanks for hanging in there. Hopefully I’ll now be back into the groove of things! I work at the Thrift Store this Saturday, I’ll likely do homework Sunday, and Monday is my first real day on the job! I’ll be in training next week, so it should be interesting! 🙂


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