Running in the Heat

Hey there and happy Friday! I hope you all had a good week.

The high today is 103 degrees here in AZ! It’s been like this for a week or two now, which means I’ve been holed up inside as much as possible. My running performance has taken a hit (that is, when I can even convince myself to go out for a run). That being said, there are some basic tips that can help make running in the heat a little more bearable.

  • Carry water. I own this water bottle as well as this one. I haven’t used the longer one yet, because I haven’t gone on any long runs for a long time. At first it was pretty annoying to run with it on my hand, but I got used to it after a short period of time. I usually don’t bring water with me on shorter runs, but during the summer I bring the smaller one whenever I head out.
  • Wear light clothing. Do not go out wearing more clothes than you need to! Even when the weather is in the 50’s, I still go out in shorts and a tank top. You better believe I am burning up during my 90+ degree runs. Although I don’t have the guts to run in just a sports bra, I wear athletic tank tops and shorts. You should also dress in light colors.
  • Wear sunscreen. Obviously, running outside in the summer means that you are exposed to a lot of sun. Right now, the sun rises around 5:15 AM here. There is no way I’m getting up earlier than that to run in the dark, so I just make sure to wear a lot of sunscreen. It doesn’t help too much with my tan lines, but I’m hoping it’ll do at least a little to protect my skin!
  • Slow down. It has been said that for every 10 degree increase over 55 degrees, your pace can slow down by 20 to 30 seconds per mile. Don’t push it. Your body will adjust in a few weeks, but take it slow in the beginning.
  • Head out early (or late). I know I just said that I don’t wake up early to run, but it would be the smart thing to do 😉 the earlier you can get out, the cooler it is. If early mornings don’t work for you, you can run at night once the sun has gone down.

Hopefully these tips can help you beat the summer heat and keep getting’ your run on! 🙂

{Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor or a health professional of any kind, nor am I a personal trainer. I am simply an Exercise and Wellness student who happens to run. Consult with your doctor before performing any new kind of exercise.}

Do you have any tips for running in the heat?

Are you able to maintain your fitness in the summer, or do you tend to have to take a step back?

I tend to focus more on strength training in the summer because I can do it inside. Winter is running time for me!


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