The Homework Never Ends

Hey there, sorry I was MIA yesterday. Since this week is my first week in my new job, homework has gotten pushed to the side. I had a ton of stuff due last night, so I started working on homework right when I woke up. It really never ends! I am counting down the days until summer school is over (23 to be exact!). Some of it is pretty interesting, but for the most part it’s just really stressful.

I took a break from homework in the afternoon to head the mall. I was hoping to get this shirt from American Eagle because I adore it, but unfortunately they didn’t have it in the store (I’ll probably end up taking a chance and ordering it online because I love it).



However, I didn’t leave empty-handed! I got this shirt from JCPenny in elephant white. I got it in a large so it’s a lot longer on me than it is on the girl in the picture. I think it’s so cute!

Anyways, Tuesday was my first day on the cash register! I work the register all the time at the thrift store I work at, but the register at a “real store” is a whole different monster! It’s a computer, which you would THINK would make things easier…not so! There’s just a lot of stuff to keep track of, and doing something wrong tends to mean needing a manager override. I definitely felt overwhelmed, and even frustrated at times. I’m used to knowing what I’m doing, and I didn’t like messing up and not knowing how to handle situations. Thankfully, most of my customers were totally understanding and were extremely patient with me. There were a few that weren’t too happy, but I was pretty lucky for the most part.

I must say, I feel really blessed to have the coworkers that I do. I’ve only been there two days, but so far almost everyone has been so, so nice. Most people are more than willing to help me and have so much patience with me. I am blessed indeed!

Tonight, I’ll be working the register again. I’m a little nervous, just because I know that the evening shift is when the store really starts to get busy. I’m just trying to accept the fact that I’m going to make mistakes, but I will get better! A friend of mine will be working with me tonight, so it should be nice having him there to help me along.


Tomorrow is Friday! I can’t wait for the week to be over so I can relax this weekend. I’ll talk to you in the morning!


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