A Little Off Track

I’m drawing a bit of a blank today, so I thought I would just update you all on how my eating and exercise is going.

I’ve gotten a little off track in terms of healthy eating and exercise. I was doing well for a few weeks, and then life happened! I got busy, so I reached for whatever food was quick and convenient. I also got stressed, which without a doubt means reaching for unhealthy foods.


Exercise has also been less-than-stellar lately. With an inconsistent work schedule, it’s hard to get into a routine. Late nights spent at work and doing homework have me sleeping in with no interest in waking up to go for a run. Lately all I’ve been doing is alternating strength days, yoga, and rest days. Needless to say, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately, not to mention discouraged.

securedownload (23)

I miss the outdoors!

I woke up this morning and immediately began doing homework, because I did strength yesterday and it was already too hot to run today. Like I said, feeling pretty crappy and discouraged! I’m working on getting back into healthy eating patterns again, and I’m doing okay. I’m trying to incorporate fruits or vegetables with every meal. My eating is also all out of whack because of work. On the nights that I close, I don’t get to eat dinner. That means going about 7 hours without food.

I guess this post has turned into a vent session, and I guess that’s okay. I think I’m just struggling with summer school, late nights, work, and not having a routine. My body just isn’t feeling how it should, as I’m rundown, tired, and unmotivated a lot these days.

Hopefully before lunch I can make myself head to the gym to get in a cardio workout! Thanks for being here to listen to my “problems.”


What do you do when you’re stressed?

How do you get out of an “unhealthy” funk?


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