I’m Proud of My Body

It’s Fridayyyy, Fridayyy, gotta get down on Fridayyy!

Too much?

Yeah, I think so too 😉

Yesterday I mentioned that I got back to the treadmill and busted out two miles. Since yesterday’s post was mostly about the treadmill, I didn’t mention that I was actually amazed that I could do two whole miles. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but considering I haven’t been running consistently for over a month, I was pretty proud.


It helped me realize that I don’t give my body nearly enough credit. Sure, I am a lot “softer” than I’d like to be. I will probably never like the size of my thighs, and putting pants on will probably always be a struggle. But you know what? Those thighs that I criticize so often were able to carry me 13.1 miles, twice! They carried me two miles after not having ran consistently for months. They endure with me through running, the elliptical, strength, and yoga.


My body deserves love, not hate.

It deserves praise, not criticism.

It has done things that I never thought possible, and it will continue to amaze me as I progress through my yoga journey.

I am proud of my body. You should be proud of yours as well.


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