Yoga Week 1 + Workout Recap

Hey guys! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I spent most of the day Saturday doing homework (I’m almost done!). I worked until a little after 3 on Sunday, then headed over to Ben’s for dinner and game night. This morning I’m off to work until 3 again!

I’ve decided that every Monday (hopefully), I’m going to recap my workouts from the last week. Nothing crazy detailed, just enough to show you all what I’ve been up to on the fitness front. I figured that this would be a great way to hold myself accountable, as well as give ideas to any of you who may be wondering how to switch up your workout. Plus, it’ll be a good way to document my yoga!

  • Monday- 30 minutes of beginner strength yoga + 15 minutes of beginner flexibility yoga
  • Wednesday- 2 mile run on the treadmill (20:14), 30 minutes of beginner balance yoga, 1.5 mile walk
  • Thursday- 30 minutes of beginner combination yoga, 15 minutes of beginner relaxation yoga
  • Friday- 1 mile walk
  • Saturday- 35 minutes on the elliptical (I do intervals…more on that later)
  • Sunday- 30 minutes of beginner flexibility yoga (ouch)

*Unless otherwise specified, all my yoga is done using the Yoga Studio app*

I didn’t do so well on the strength or cardio front…oops! As you can see, I was pretty into yoga this week. I’m really enjoying it. However, I can already tell that I’m slipping into the idea that yoga counts as exercise. Now, I’m not saying that yoga isn’t exercise! I think that it’s a great way to get moving and that it’s great for your body. It just isn’t the intense workout that I need to get into the shape that I’m hoping to be in. I think that my best bet is to do a combination of cardio, strength, and yoga. So, that’s what I’ll be focusing on more this week!

Moving right along…

I always fail at taking “before and after” photos, because I never take the “before” photos! I decided that since I wanted to start working toward some yoga poses it would be a good idea for me to take a “before” picture so that I can see how much progress I’m making. For now, the only two that I have documented are wheel and crow.


This is wheel. Clearly my form is not great! My shoulders should be almost over, if not all the way over, my hands. I tried it again after I saw this picture, trying to focus on better form, and I think it got slightly better. That being said, I’m pretty proud I could even get this far. I had assumed that I wasn’t able to do it, but I decided to give it a try. What do ya know! My back and shoulders were sore for days after this 🙂


Now onto crow! As you can see, one foot is still on the ground. While I can lift both feet off the ground, I can’t actually hold the pose like that. I decided to photograph the poses how I can hold them (preferably for more than 5 seconds). That way I’m not cheating 😉 This pose is tough for me, as my arms have never been particularly strong. I’m hoping to work on building up my triceps and core to help myself get better at this pose.

I also meant to document my standing forward bend (or fold), but I forgot. Hopefully I’ll have one for you soon. I want to take a picture so I can show you guys how inflexible I am! And to document my progress, of course 😉

Thank you for bearing with me through this wordy post; I hope you all will enjoy these little updates! Have a great Monday and I’ll catch ya tomorrow!

What have your workouts looked like lately?

What are your favorite yoga poses?


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