Spinato’s Pizza

Saturday, my parents and I headed out for a late lunch/early dinner (“dunch,” as my father calls it…so silly). My mom told us that she wanted to go out for pizza, but she kept the location a secret. When we arrived at Spinato’s, I was immediately excited because I have heard great things about it in the past.

Once we got settled in our seats, we began looking at appetizers. We decided on the garlic bread with mozzarella, and oh.my.goodness. It was a great choice! I seriously would have been perfectly content to just eat that wonderful bread as my meal. The bread was delicious, and the marinara sauce was to die for! It was so sweet and yummy.

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Next up was my salad. I knew I’d be eating some heavy food, so I wanted to get some greens in me. I ordered the “dinner salad” as a side, with house Italian dressing. It was good for a side salad. I’m not really big on salads unless they’re bulked up with lots ofΒ unhealthy stuff, so it was just okay to me. No matter, I was still happy to get some veggies!

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Now for the main course! Spinato’s offers lots of sandwiches, pastas, and pizzas (including gluten free!). I decided to create my own personal calzone with mozzarella, ricotta, baby spinach, and pepperoni. If I could have done it over again, I wouldn’t bother adding the spinach. I was making an attempt at sneaking in some more vegetables. While it was an honorable attempt, it really wasn’t worth it for me. I couldn’t taste the spinach, but I didn’t much care for the texture (I am HUGE on texture of foods). That being said, it was still tasty and well made! I’ll just know better next time! My parents both ordered their own pizzas and they were fabulous. I ended up eating half of my calzone and taking the rest home with me.

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And finally, dessert! Yes, we totally went overboard. Our waitress noticed me eyeballing the “Brownie Bella” and suckered me into it. The dessert was made up of a yummy, warm brownie topped with vanilla bean gelato and drizzled with white and milk chocolate. It was so good! My mom and I shared it, and I probably ended up eating a little more than half of it (don’t worry, we got the small).


The verdict? The garlic bread totally stole the show! It was definitely my favorite part, with dessert coming in a close second. Next time, I’ll probably order my own personal pizza, or a calzone without spinach πŸ˜‰ We’ll definitely be going back!


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