How I Use the Elliptical

Monday, I mentioned that I do intervals when I workout on the elliptical. This is pretty much the only way I can bear to stay on for any duration of time (much like the treadmill). I am fortunate that the ellipticals at my gym have random training programs built into them.

First, I select “random.” It then asks me how long I would like to workout for, which is typically 30 minutes. Finally, it asks me what level I would like to workout at, with options ranging from 1 to 25. Last summer, I did the elliptical enough to workout on a level 10. This summer, however, I’m on level 8. It’s tough enough to challenge me, but it’s still a level that I can maintain for 30 minutes. Seriously, I have NO idea how anyone works out on level 25! I don’t even know how you can move at that kind of resistance! Maybe I’ll try it soon and see how long I last 🙂

Once I begin, the program raises and lowers the resistance for me, never letting my body get too comfortable. I like it because it keeps my heart rate up the entire time. I know that often times, the elliptical gets a bad rep because it’s one of those machines you can just hop on and go through the motions. By working out with a random program, I am challenged the whole time, ensuring that I get a good workout.

To switch things up a little more, I try to go backwards every few minutes. Last week, I did 5 minutes forward, 1 minute backwards, for 30 minutes. It’s a nice way to keep things interesting and switch up the muscles that I use. When my 30 minutes are completed, the elliptical lowers down to level 1 to let me go through a 5 minute cool down.

Since everyone does not have access to the type of elliptical that I do, I browsed around on Pinterest to find a few that can be done on ellipticals without programs.

I hope those help to give you a few ideas if you’re wondering how you can workout on the elliptical!

Do you like the elliptical? Why or why not?


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