What the Cross Means to Me

“So the question we have to ask is what was different about that man on that day, that could take something that kills, and turn it in to something that saves?”


The cross has not always been a symbol of faith.

In Jesus’ day, it was a symbol of death.

It is not simply a pretty picture. Crucifixion was the worst way to die back in Jesus’ day. It was slow, and excruciatingly painful. One would be nailed through the wrists and through the heels. It was the most disgraceful form of execution at the time, saved for the lowest of the low.

That’s how Jesus was killed.

So why do we see so many people walking around with crosses around their necks?

There was something different about Jesus. That man, on that day, changed the meaning of the cross to those of us who call ourselves Christians. He took the symbol of death and transformed it into a symbol of salvation. My salvation. He died on that cross for me.

But the grave could not hold him. Not only did He die for me; He rose for me.

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That is why I will wear the cross every day of my life. It is my constant reminder that Christ died for me. He gave up His life for me. 

“I am not ashamed of the One who saved my soul.”


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