Yoga Week 4 + Workout Recap

Hey guys, and happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I closed at work Friday night, which was super duper exhausting BUT I felt pretty productive. I kind of just hung out Saturday morning, and in the evening I went over to a family friend’s house to see where they just moved! We went to church Sunday morning, and hung out the rest of the day and night.

Time to recap the workouts of the week!

Workout Recap

  • Monday- Killer Buns and Thighs Level 1 (15,384 steps)
  • Tuesday- 35 minutes on the elliptical, 1 mile run on the treadmill (9:56), 0.25 mile cool-down walk (8,452 steps)
  • Wednesday- 2.1 mile walk, 30 minutes of intermediate combination yoga, 1.55 mile walk (10,062 steps)
  • Thursday- 35 minutes on the elliptical, 0.25 mile incline walk, 15 minutes of intermediate combination yoga (6,914 steps)
  • Friday- P90x Legs and Back, 15 minutes of intermediate relaxation yoga (16,019 steps)
  • Saturday- 1.5 mile walk on treadmill at 4% incline (5,592 steps)
  • Sunday- Rest (3,400 steps)

As you can see, there was a decent amount of yoga, but nothing like last week. That’s because my tattoo is finally healed and I was actually able to start really working out again! It felt so great to be able to sweat.

You’ll notice that Friday I did a P90x workout. Ben invited me over to workout with him, so I thought what the heck? It was tough! My legs were totally jello at the end (add work onto that and my legs were toast by the end of the night!). I stretched out with some relaxation yoga. It was nice to switch my workout up a bit!

P.S.- I woke up the next day feeling like I got hit by a truck. My entire body was sore! I also had the start of a cold Saturday, so it was a pretty tiring day! 🙂

Yoga Update 





I decided to start including Week 1 as well as the previous week’s picture in order to show my overall progress, as well as weekly progress! 

I think my wheel looks about the same as last week. I’m honestly not sure where to go from here! I’m constantly trying to work on getting my arms straight, so I guess I’ll just keep working on that!





I actually think crow looks a bit worse than last week, but oh well! I was still crazy sore from P90x so it’s a miracle I was even able to get into these poses 🙂 I’m still working on trying to get my feet higher up.



004 (2)(1)

Still struggling right along with this one! As you can see, there hasn’t really been much improvement. I’m guessing lizard is going to be a slowwww process.

That’s all for week 4! I hope you all have a great Monday!

Link to previous weeks:


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