An Eventful Day

Hey guys! How was the rest of your Tuesday? Mine was GREAT actually!

I awoke to cloudy skies and felt the urge to head outside for a run. It’s been forever since I ran outside rather than on a treadmill, so I threw on my visor, laced up my shoes, and headed out!


{return of the crappy cell phone pictures…I didn’t have my camera for the first half of the day!}

I had plans to complete two miles, but right before I took off I got a text from Ben inviting me to do P90X with him (more on that later). I ended up only doing one mile, and it was a tough-but-good one. I can definitely tell that I’ve been running only on a treadmill- my legs were really feeling it when I was having to actually move them all by myself! After finishing my mile, I walked about 1/2 a mile to get home. I made it back right before the sun came out!

securedownload (1)


It may have been a slow run, but I was happy to get outside again! After I got home, I grabbed a quick snack/breakfast and headed to Ben’s to workout. The workout for today was Plyometrics- AKA tons of jumping and squats. It totally kicked my butt, but I finished feeling accomplished! After we had both showered, we threw some lunch together before Ben’s soon-to-be brother-in-law came over. The three of us then headed out to Kamana ‘Wana for snow cones! I stuck to the basics and got cherry and lime, but they offer more “out there” flavors like chocolate, cinnamon, wedding cake, and more!

securedownload (4)

It was super tasty, but MAN was I full when I finished! I will definitely be getting a small next time we go. After we finished our snow cones, I headed home to relax and work on more blog stuff before Ben came over in the evening. We had leftover steak fajitas for dinner, following it up with a 1.6 mile walk. The sun was out again, so it was a little muggy, but good nonetheless. We followed up dinner with a brownie and some ice cream (a little too much sugar in one day…working on it!). I finished off the night watching some America’s Got Talent!

I’m working at the Thrift Store (my “old” job) this morning, and who knows what’ll happen this afternoon! Right now I don’t have any plans. I hope YOU ALL have a great day today!

What did YOU do yesterday?

Any plans for today?


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