A Calling

When I was little, I always felt like I was the only one of my friends who didn’t know what I wanted to “be” when I grow up. My friends wanted to be teachers, doctors, astronauts, etc. I’ve never felt like I knew exactly what life had in store for me.

A few years ago, I started taking an interest in my own health. It quickly grew into something that I knew I would want to do for a living. I want to help others be healthy. I believe that many, if not most, chronic diseased can be prevented with good nutrition and exercise. That includes cancer.

Cancer began to impact me at a young age. My grandfather died of lung cancer. When I was 15, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (I will share her story at a later date; it’s just not something I’ve gotten around to). The same year, my friend’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. A two year-old boy from a family from my high school was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma last year. This year, my other grandfather was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We also just found out that my grandmother has inoperable liver cancer. It seems like everywhere I look, cancer is touching someone that I love.




It’s something that crosses my mind on a daily basis, and that’s no exaggeration. Even after choosing my major and completing my first year in college, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do (although I did have a few ideas). A few weeks ago, I was laying in bed thinking and praying. I told God, “break my heart for what breaks yours.” I want to have a passion for people. I want to help others for a living. I realized that cancer is something incredibly close to my heart, and maybe I have taken something away from so many people I know and love suffering from the disease. I suppose you can say it has become a “passion” of mine.


I want to let people with cancer know that there is a battle to be won, and they are capable of winning it. I want to help them to realize that attitude is everything, not only in fighting cancer, but also in life. I want to show them that they are perfectly capable of living life, of not giving up on themselves or their bodies. I want to be a Cancer Exercise Trainer. My plans may end up changing in the future, but I know thatΒ one way or another,Β I want to work with cancer patients.

I feel that this has been tugging at my heart for so long for a reason.

I feel that it’s my calling.


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