Off to the Northwest!

Hey guys! Today’s the day!

We’re off to the Northwest! I will be able to give you more details when we get back, because to be honest, I don’t even know what we’re going to be doing! We will be staying in Bellingham, Washington, and traveling up to Canada for a day as well. I’m excited to have some time away from work, and the heat!

Our flight doesn’t leave until 6:30 this evening, so I have some free time today. I’ll be getting a cardio workout in at the gym, and from there I’ll start to finalize my packing. Ben and I are sharing a bag and I am a chronic over-packer, so it’ll be interesting! 😉

I do have some posts ready for you guys, but bear with me if things don’t go smoothly. I will be on vacation, after all! 🙂

I won’t be bringing my laptop, so everything I post will be pre-written, and I’ll just post if from my phone. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures while I’m there so I can recap the trip for you guys!

Have a great Thursday!


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