Washington State/Canada Trip- Travel Day

At around noon last Thursday, I headed over to Ben’s to start getting all of our things packed up and ready to go! We ended up having no problem sharing our suitcase, except that we kept getting close to the 40 pound limit! I spent around 2 hours at his house before heading back home to spend a little more time with my dad. At around 3:15, we were off to the airport! We flew out of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, which was very new to me! It’s a small airport and getting through check-in and security was a breeze. We grabbed some food while we were waiting and had some time to relax before we got on our plane.


I sat with Ben anticipating takeoff. I am typically a very nervous flyer (always have been, always will be), so I was naturally a little anxious. Ben kept me entertained the whole flight, as he is attempting to “get me over” my fear of flying. We basically listened to music and played Solitare for three hours…no joke! The flight was extremely smooth and seemed to go by quickly. We actually landed about 15 minutes early in Bellingham, arriving around 9:15 P.M. It was still kind of light outside!


Here’s a few shots of us flying over some mountains! I really have no idea which ones they were, but I heard someone say Mt. Baker and Mt. Vernon. Either way, it was pretty cool! The pictures truly don’t do it justice. 006



The sunset was also beautiful. It was so neat to be able to see the sun setting over the clouds.


I wanted to show you a few pictures from landing:







It was so neat to see how bright it was above the clouds, and how “dark” it was once we were below them. We had to descend through a really thick layer of clouds! I also loved seeing all the green when we finally emerged from the clouds! It’s a nice change of pace from our brown Arizona desert.

Ben’s parents picked us up from the airport (they had flown into Washington a few days earlier), and we were off to the condo that was “home” for a few days. It was a cool little place and it was big enough for all six of us. Ben’s parents got the master bedroom, Ben’s sister and I got our own bedroom, and Ben and his future brother-in-law slept on the couches. It was a pretty nice set-up!

181 182 183 184

Side note: while we were staying right outside of Bellingham, we were actually staying in Birch Bay! It’s a cute little vacation town that sits conveniently between the ocean and the “farmlands.”

I know that a whole post doesn’t really need to be dedicated to a travel day, but I figured I could put all the pictures I snapped on the plane to good use! Plus, it’ll give me some time to get my thoughts together to recap the rest of the trip for you guys!


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