Washington State/Canada Trip- Day 1 (Cake Pops Galore)

Friday morning, Ben’s sister (Kirsten) and I awoke bright and early at 5:50 A.M. to head out for a run. We ended up completing a little over two miles along the beautiful coast. It’s always much more motivating to run in a new place where there’s lots of sights to be seen! The temperature was in the 50’s which made it all that more enjoyable. We ran by a few fudge and ice cream shops and just knew we’d have to stop by later 😉


After arriving back at the condo, showering, and having breakfast, we were off for Kirsten’s fitting for her wedding dress! Obviously no pictures were taken, so unfortunately I don’t have anything to show you guys for it! Her grandmother is making the dress, and her house is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had pictures for you all, but I am still feeling a little weird about asking people if I can photograph their things. In time, I suppose!

After the fitting, we headed back to the condo to pick up the guys. Guess what we stopped for on our way out? Ice cream!


I got chocolate peanut butter and it was so good. It actually had chunks and “shavings” of peanut butter, without any actual nuts. Just the way I like it! After ice cream, we headed to Ben’s aunt’s house to help decorate cake pops for Kirsten’s bridal shower! We ended up decorating about 75 cake pops (!!!), each with their own fondant poppy flower or leaf. We basically had an assembly line going, and it actually went pretty quickly!



I have to admit, when we were told we would be making poppies out of fondant, I was a little nervous. Ben’s whole family seems to have crazy artistic talent, and I most definitely do not! Thankfully, we used cookie cutters to cut out the shapes, so it was actually breeze!


The above photo is an up-close look at one of the poppies! We actually ended up dipping the black centers in black sprinkles to make it look like it had seeds. It added a nice touch!


After we were all finished with party prep, we spent the rest of the night just relaxing. The boys all played soccer, football, and baseball while us girls lazed on the patio deck. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched some Netflix before heading back to the condo late that night. I don’t have many pictures to show for it, but it was a great evening!


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