Yoga Week 6 + Workout Recap

Hey there! I know it’s the weekend, but I wanted to do a quick recap of my workouts from last week since I didn’t do it Monday. As most of you know, I was on vacation last week and the beginning of this week, so these workouts may look a little unfamiliar!

  • Monday- Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Level 1 (14,867 steps)
  • Tuesday- 10 minute ab workout (10,571 steps)
  • Wednesday- 30 minute “Squat Party” workout (13,371 steps)
  • Thursday- Rest (?? steps)
  • Friday- 2.2 mile run/walk (10,000+ steps)
  • Saturday- Rest (?? steps)
  • Sunday- 2.2 mile run/walk, 3+ mile beach walk (20,389 steps)

Yoga Recap

FYI- I did not do any yoga while I was on vacation, so very little (if any) progress was made!



003 (3)1



The last photo is my sad attempt at raising a foot off the ground! Holy cow, it’s hard! I thought it would be so easy when I decided I wanted to try it, but apparently my back isn’t strong enough yet! I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get that foot up!



002 (3)1



I seem to be at a stand-still with crow. I’ve started to move my hands further out to the side in order to begin straightening my arms. So far, not much has happened. In time, I suppose!



005 (2)1



I’m actually making progress with lizard! I didn’t notice until I was typing up this post, but my forearm is a lot closer to the ground than it has been!


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