Yoga Week 7 + Workout Recap

Hello there! I know I already posted this morning, but I wanted to throw my yoga update and workout recap in today as well. By the way, I posted my recap for the previous week yesterday, so be sure to go check it out if you missed it.

  • Monday- 3 mile walk/hike (14,281 steps)
  • Tuesday- Rest (3,937 steps)
  • Wednesday- 45 minute “Body Buffer” workout (NTC app) (4,498 steps)
  • Thursday- 2 mile walk, 30 minutes of intermediate combination yoga, P90X Plyometrics (11,856 steps)
  • Friday- 2 mile walk, 30 minutes of intermediate balance yoga (22,288 steps)
  • Saturday- 2 mile walk (17,942 steps)
  • Sunday- Rest (3,680 steps)

I got a good amount of activity in last week! I enjoyed getting back to yoga, and I threw in a few other exercises in there as well. Lots of walking also happened! My steps weren’t great on some days, but I still averaged 11,211 steps per day. Not too shabby.

Yoga Update






003 (2)1

My arms are finally getting straight! I’ve been fighting for this since the beginning, so I’m beyond happy to see this progress! Now i’m going to focus on relaxing my neck and getting my head behind my arms (you can tell my neck is straining here).






001 (2)1

My arms are a little bit straighter this week! Gettin’ there!




002 (2)1

Bleh…I literally cannot stand this stretch! It’s painful! My forearms are definitely getting lower to the ground, but I know that I need to be bending at the waist, not rounding my back like I’ve been doing. Looks like that’s what I’ll be focusing on next!

Stay tuned for my post about new-to-me poses and goals later this week!


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