Yoga Week 8 + Workout Recap

Hey guys! Sorry I wasn’t able to get this post to you yesterday. I didn’t think about blogging at all over the weekend so I was a little behind. I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to ease smoothly back into the week. I don’t work today (and I didn’t work yesterday), so this is basically my weekend! I have to admit, last week was crazy for me. It was go go go the entire time! I worked a lot (31 hours- more than I usually do) and hung out with friends a lot. It was a great time, but I’m exhausted!

Workout Recap

  • Monday- 3.15 mile walk (14,381 steps)
  • Tuesday- 15 minute “Butt-Buster” workout (NTC app), P90X ab ripper X, P90X X-Stretch (3,680 steps)
  • Wednesday- P90X Kenpo-X (2,699 steps)
  • Thursday- P90X ab ripper X, Lower back, glutes, and thighs yoga, Backbend yoga sequence (18,328 steps)
  • Friday- Rest (19,001 steps)
  • Saturday- P90X ab ripper X (2,355 steps)
  • Sunday- Rest (6,801 steps)

I didn’t do so hot in terms of steps last week. I averaged 9,270 steps per day, but there were a lot of days below 10,000. I think that part of it is because even though I may do P90X for an hour, it doesn’t get me very many steps. Oh well!

Yoga Update


003 (2)1

 001 (3)1

I finally let my head relax! I attempted to lift a foot…basically ended up falling all over the place!

004 (3)

It’s just so hard!!! P.S- Sorry these pictures are crooked and of not-so-great quality. Usually my mom takes them for me but I had to take them myself using the timer this time!




001 (2)1

003 (3)1

I’m still working on straightening my arms. This one was a little tough using the timer because I didn’t really have time to slowly get into it. I just had to jump right in and get situated in 10 seconds! Hopefully next week we’ll see a little more improvement.



002 (2)1


002 (3)1

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to start bending at the waist in lizard instead of just rounding my back. That basically put me back at square one! As you can see, I can only get my hands on the floor. I wish I would have realized I was doing it wrong sooner!

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