Fitbit Tragedy


My fitbit has bit the dust šŸ˜¦

Monday, Ben and I were out and about running lots of errands, and I think I must have lost it somewhere along the way. I’m super bummed because I LOVE tracking my steps. I owned the fitbit zip (the cheapest one), so at least I only lost about $60. It still kills me though because I hate losing items, hate losing money, and get unreasonably attached to things. I was super bummed when I lost it, but I figured I might as well just let it go because there isn’t anything I can do about it at this point.

photo 4

Ben offered to let me use his until I decide to get a new one since he doesn’t use his anymore. I’m sure I will buy another one in a week or so, but I want to give it some time just to make sure it doesn’t show up anywhere. My next workout recap won’t have my daily steps in it, but life happens! I can’t wait to get another one soon.

Have you ever lost something valuable (or just important to you)?

Do you use a device to track your steps? If so, which one?


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