A Rainy Morning Run

Tuesday night, a huge storm rolled in over my neighborhood. Usually here in AZ, we get very spotty “rain” (more likes sprinkles)- it will rain for a few minutes and then dry up completely. This was not the case Tuesday night! It rained, and it rained hard. AND the rain was pretty steady throughout the evening.

001 (4)

When I awoke yesterday morning, it was raining again! I was super excited and decided to head out for a run. This was my first run around my neighborhood all summer, and it was tough but awesome! The on and off sprinkling meant that I was drenched in sweat the entire time, but it was totally worth it.

002 (4)

Out on that run, I realized how “out of running shape” my body is. My cardio was fine for the most part, but my legs were dying! My friend and I are hoping to run a half marathon this December, and I was joking to Ben that I’m going to have to train just to get in shape enough to start training for the half! Ha! Oh well- it made me appreciate running that much more. In the end I completed two sweaty miles.


I honestly couldn’t care less about my pace. I was just happy to get out and run again. I told you running wasn’t out of my life! 😉

Do you enjoy running in the rain?


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