Yoga Week 9 + Workout Recap

Hey guys! Sorry I totally went MIA on you Friday. I worked until 10:30 Thursday night so I didn’t prepare a post, and Friday I just had a lot going on. How was your weekend? I went into work for a few hours Saturday morning, then hung out with Ben for the rest of the evening. Sunday was the usual- church in the morning. BUT, my bridesmaid skirt for Kirsten’s (Ben’s sister) wedding is almost done, and I got to try it on yesterday for my final fitting! Exciting!

Let’s take a look at last week’s workouts, shall we?

  • Monday- 25 minutes of elliptical intervals, p90X ab ripper X (steps unknown)
  • Tuesday- Rest (steps unknown)
  • Wednesday- 2 mile run (21:55), P90X ab ripper X (around 19,000 steps)
  • Thursday- 30 minutes of intermediate strength yoga (15,808 steps)
  • Friday- P90X ab ripper X (5,575 steps)
  • Saturday- 10 minutes of “warming stretches” (yoga), 15 minute “cardio burst” workout (around 13,500 steps)
  • Sunday- Rest (around 3,500 steps)

As you can see, I found my fitbit!! I found it Wednesday morning in my house! I’m so happy it isn’t lost like I thought it was.

Yoga Update



001 (3)1

006 (3)1

Sorry it’s a little blurry..I couldn’t stop moving! My hair was also swaying a lot. Anyways…I’m LOVING seeing improvement in this pose!! My back is extremely inflexible, so I’m super excited to see myself getting better and better. This past week I really tried to focus on looking at my hands while in the pose. This helps me to relax my neck. The first take of this picture my arms weren’t very straight, so we took another photo and I worked on walking my feet closer to my head. Still haven’t gotten a foot up, but I’m happy with this progress!



003 (3)1

003 (4)1

I’m still very much stuck on this pose. I’m just not sure where to go from here. I continually try to straighten my arms and get my knees closer to my armpits, but it’s a struggle. I am able to hold the pose longer than in the past, so that’s a plus!



002 (3)1

008 (3)1

I’m pretty much done with this stretch! I’m thinking about adding in a new pose and just getting rid of this one on the updates. It’s pretty boring to see me not getting anywhere with it week after week! I might start to track either king dancer or king pigeon. We will see!

Thanks for following along my yoga journey! I know that I love seeing other bloggers’ progress, so I hope that you’re enjoying this. Let me know of any changes you wish me to make, or any more poses you would like to see me attempt! I’m definitely open to suggestions. I know I show you the same three poses every week, so I’m looking for ways to switch it up a bit.

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

What did you do this past weekend?

What was your favorite workout of the week?


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