Ready to Run

Good morning! I had my alarm set to go off at 8 this morning, which would have ensured me a good 9 hours of sleep. Instead, I awoke around 6:30 to the craziest thunderstorm EVER! There’s crazy wind, crazy rain, crazy thunder- loud enough to wake me up. It’s both a blessing and a curse- I’m glad I’m awake to get to see this insane storm, but I’ve also been sleeping terribly and am exhausted lately. Hopefully I can go back to sleep or take a nap later.

Ready to Run

Guess what guys?!

I’m signed up for my third half marathon! You can read about my others by going to my Races page.


I’m officially signed up to run the Runner’s Den Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon again this December! You can read more about the race here. You may recall that I ran this same half marathon last year and loved it. Well, this year I’m running it with a friend! This will be my third race with her and I’m pretty excited to have someone to keep me company for the 13.1 mile run. After we ran our 10k together back in March, my friend had been considering running her first half marathon. I’m so excited we both decided to do it!


Finishing our 10k!

Although I haven’t run much this summer, I still feel confident going into training. I don’t actually start training until the end of September, so I’m going to use this next month to focus on strength while throwing a few 2 and 3 mile runs in here and there. I know that it will be tough, but I’m really excited to run long distance again. Knowing that my friend is running with me will keep me accountable and hold me to my training routine. I’m excited to be in running shape again!


The above photo was taken after last year’s Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. I was so ecstatic to have set a new PR! Right now my half marathon PR is 2:29:18. To be honest, I’m not really looking to beat it this year. Yes, I’m going to work hard- and yes, I’d LOVE to improve my time. But more than anything, I just want to have FUN! I know that my friend is going to be super laid back about pace, and I know that we’ll be taking walking breaks. After taking walking breaks that made our 10k a million times more bearable, I realized that there is nothing wrong with taking walking breaks (as long as you can get yourself to start running again!). I know that this race will be a fun one, and I’m glad to have a reason and a goal to get myself back into running.

Of course I’ll be documenting my training on the blog, so you will likely be forced get to listen to all the ups and downs of my long runs. Once I finalize my training plan, I’ll post it to give you guys an idea of what it looks like!

I’m ready to run!

Do you have any races coming up?

What is your favorite race distance?

Do you like to run with friends, or do you prefer to run alone?


2 thoughts on “Ready to Run

  1. Awesome! I love signing up for races – sometimes it’s even more fun than running them 🙂

    I’m racing this weekend – woo hoo! It’s a 50k, which also happens to be my favorite distance!

    Have a great week 🙂

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