So it Begins

Well folks, I’m back in school today.

This is my first day back full time after having a summer off that lasted for nearly 4 months. While I’m definitely ready to have a more structured schedule back in my life, I’m not quite ready to kiss summer goodbye. I had a great four months working, relaxing, and hanging out with Ben.

Here’s what my class list looks like this semester:

  • BIO 201 (A.K.A Anatomy and Physiology part 1) + Lab
  • EXW 320 (Management and Leadership in Exercise and Wellness)
  • EWX 325 (Fitness for Life)
  • NTR 341 (Intro to Planning Therapeutic Diets)
  • CRJ 225 (Introduction to Criminology)

Here’s how I feel about all the classes:

  • BIO- Eh. I really do not like science much at all, so that will probably make this class slightly difficult for me (I struggled with Chemistry last semester). That being said, I know that anatomy is a lot of memorization, which I happen to be very good at. Hopefully I’ll do okay and finish the semester out with an A!
  • EXW 320- I’m not sure exactly what to think of this class, but I’m guessing it’s going to be somewhat interesting. I believe that the point of the class is to show us careers within the Exercise and Wellness field, as management and leadership skills within the field, obviously 🙂
  • EXW 325- This is an online class, and it’s only session A which means it ends in October (woohoo!). This is just an elective for me. I believe that it covers the benefits of exercise and how to coordinate it into your daily life.
  • NTR 341- I’m taking this class as a part of my minor (Nutrition and Healthy Living). I think that this one is pretty self explanatory- I will be receiving an introduction to planning therapeutic diets, taking cultural, health, and economic aspects into consideration.
  • CRJ 225- This is another elective for me. I’ve always been interested in criminal justice (fun fact: I considered majoring in criminal justice a few years ago!), so I thought that this might be a good fit for me. I’m excited to learn a little bit more about why people commit the crimes that they do.

As for school scheduling, I’m unfortunately going Monday through Friday again. Fridays I only have one 50 minute class, making it a huge waste to drive 30 minutes to and from school, but oh well. That’s just how the schedule worked out. Being the procrastinator that I am, I put off buying my parking pass until they were basically all sold out. I now have to park 1 mile away from school and walk. It won’t be so bad once winter comes around, but it’s going to be pretty brutal in the AZ summer heat. Oh well, at least I’ll be sure to get my 10,000 steps in 😉

As for work, I’ve cut my availability down to only two days per week. I’m hoping that I can maintain my grades while working two nights a week, otherwise I’ll have to try to cut down to one day a week. We’ll just have to see how it goes!

Please bear with me these next few weeks as a try to settle into a routine of some sort. I know I’m going to be very busy this semester, but I’m going to do my best to ensure that my little blog here doesn’t suffer.


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