Back-to-Back Busy Days

Happy Friday guys! I’m super excited that the weekend is here because I have it OFF! No school! No work! I just have to make it through one class today and then I’m freeeee 🙂

I wanted to tell you about the past two days because they have been CRAZY for me. I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow because I am exhausted!


Wednesday morning I awoke around 7:30 A.M. and started getting ready for work. I skipped a workout because I was short on time and pretty tired (it turned out to be a good thing that I skipped it). I went into work at 9 A.M. (after having closed at 10 P.M. the night before) and stayed until 3. There was LOTS to do and I was kept busy for the entirety of my shift. After work, Ben and I quickly headed to my school so that I could check out my new parking area. Once we arrived, we walked about a mile to campus so that I could pay my tuition and head back.

After we arrived back at the car, Ben dropped me off at my mom’s work so that she, I, and a friend of mine could go “out.” We ended up going to an assisted living facility and listening to people play music and sing! It was super cool to see and hear all the banjos, harmonicas, guitars, pianos, violins, ukuleles, mandolins, and more! We got home close to 8 P.M. and I was completely exhausted. Due to the business of the day,I failed to have lunch or dinner! Needless to say I was famished, fatigued, and ready to snack when I got home.


Yesterday I woke up at 6:30 A.M. to complete a Jillian Michaels “Extreme Shed and Shred” workout followed by Ab Ripper X. I left for school at around 9:15 to arrive on time for my 10:30 class (I like to be early, and it’s a bit of a drive and walk). My first class was my Introduction to Planning Therapeutic Diets class, and my second was Introduction to Criminology. I ended up getting out way early (around 12:30), and headed to Ben’s house for some lunch. After eating the amazingly tasty beef stew that Ben had prepared for me, I headed home to get ready for work. I headed off to work at 3:30, and again stayed busy my entire shift. I was totally wiped when I got home!

As you can see, the past two days have been go, go, go! I’m super tired and super ready for the weekend. After I get home from school today I’m taking my car to get its oil changed, and then I’m free! I’m sure that Ben and I will end up hanging out, and we have shopping on the agenda tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!! P.S- Sorry this was a boring picture-less post!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Did you have a busy week?


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