Bear With Me

As I’m sitting down to write this post (10:30 last night), I’m realizing just how busy life currently is. Between school/homework/work/blogging/exercise/trying to have a life, I’m going to be stretched a little thin these next few months.

All I’m asking is that you bear with me. Bear with me for these next few weeks as I settle into things. I have some ideas for posts, but I’m just struggling to find the time to write them. I’m sure all of you bloggers out there can relate- a post that takes about 3 minutes to read can actually take around an hour to type up.

I am NOT giving up on my little blog! I just need to better my time-management skills so that I can give 100% to everything that I’m doing. To be honest, homework is going to be my #1 priority. There may be a few days when the posts are very short (like this one), or when they don’t happen at all. I’m hoping to at least get something out Monday through Friday like I’ve been doing for the past few months.

I appreciate your patience! It’s funny how life just sneaks up on us 🙂


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