A Day in the Life

Hey guys..happy Wednesday! The week is halfway over! I thought I would show you “a day in the life” of me lately. I’m going to recap what I did yesterday for you!

6:30 AM- Wake up (exhausted, I might add!)

6:45 AM- Get out of bed

7:10 AM- Workout. I did level one of Jillian Michaels’ Killer Buns and Thighs

003 (6)










7:55 AM- Shower

8:30 AM- Eat breakfast and begin typing up this post. Breakfast was a banana + peanut butter toast + glass of milk.

005 (6)

9:20 AM- Leave for school

9:55 AM- Arrive and park, begin 15 minute walk to class

10:30 AM- Nutrition class begins

11:45 AM- POWER WALK to next class

12:00 PM- Criminology class begins

1:15 PM- Criminology class ends. Walk back to car and drive home.

2:00 PM– Arrive at home. I grab my lunch/dinner. I had some leftover pasta, a leftover bread stick, a small handful of Cheetos (one of my many weaknesses), and a bowl of strawberries and apples. I then try to work on some homework until it’s time to leave for work. Somewhere in there, I take a quick shower and get changed.

007 (5)

3:30 PM- Leave for work.

3:45 PM- Arrive at work. I was supposed to cashier, but I ended up switching with someone and working apparel. Score! It was a super busy night and I ended up staying a lot later than I normally do…

10:45 PM- Leave work.

11:00 PM- Get home from work, grab a quick snack, finish typing up this post, and prep for today.

11:45 PM- SLEEP!! Waking up at 6 today was no easy task after a crazy day like yesterday.

On the agenda today is school til 11 and then I’m getting my hair dyed! After growing it out for over a year I’m excited to make some changes!

Have a great day!


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