Eat crap. Crave crap. Feel like crap. Look like crap.

This is the cycle that I enter into when I start to eat a lot of junk food. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for indulgence. I actually indulge a little too much, which is the problem!


Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who craves healthy food. I’m jealous of other health bloggers who crave salads, smoothies, vegetables, etc. To be honest, I just don’t. I don’t crave salad, vegetables, or even fruit these days. I’m not afraid to be honest with you guys: I crave Cheetos, Doritos, chocolate, ice cream, crackers…all the time!

I find that if I indulge in a little too much “junk,” I find myself craving it even more. The more I crave it, the more likely I am to give in if the food that I’m craving is available.

Lately I’ve been indulging in crap just a little too much, and I’ve been finding myself feeling crappy as a result. I don’t have very much energy, I’m bloated, and most importantly, I get upset with myself. I feel that I have let myself down, yet I do it all over again.


Finally, when I feel like crap, I look like crap. This not only includes weight gain (which is definitely a problem), but it affects my overall confidence. When I feel that I have let myself down, it shows. I am not comfortable in my own skin, and that’s definitely not a good feeling.

SO, what am I going to do about it? I’m making a more conscious effort to include produce at every meal, even though I don’t want it (I don’t even want fruit- weird, I know). So far so good- my dad bought me strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, carrots, salad, and a watermelon.

Here’s to eating better food, craving better food, looking better, and most importantly FEELING better!


5 thoughts on ““Crap”

  1. This post completely sums up how I feel this week! It’s been a busy week which means I didn’t go grocery shopping or cook, ate out a lot, and feel not so good about myself right now. It’s definitely an ongoing challenge to make better choices that will make me feel better overall. So much of it comes down to planning for me!

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