Yoga Week 11 + Workout Recap

Heyyyy guys. Are you ready to start a new week? I guess that my week technically hasn’t started yet since I’m off school today. Hurray for three day weekends!

Workout Recap

  • Monday- P90X Ab Ripper X + Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs Level 1 (13,167 steps)
  • Tuesday- Rest (17,008 steps)
  • Wednesday- P90X Ab Ripper X (5,579 steps)
  • Thursday- 20 minutes of yoga for runners (5,968 steps)
  • Friday- P90X Ab Ripper X, 15 minutes of intermediate combination yoga (10,925 steps)
  • Saturday- P90X X-Stretch (1,952 steps)
  • Sunday- 1.9 mile walk (around 8,000 steps)

As you can see, I was very lacking in the workout department this week. Staying up late and getting up early was leaving me exhausted. I’ve been managing to get Ab Ripper in three days a week every week though, so that’s a plus! I plan on writing about ab ripper soon since I’ve been seeing a lot of progress and results.



006 (4)1


I’m still trying to lift a foot up! I got one up this time (and by up I mean about 1 centimeter off the ground), but collapsed immediately afterward. I’m starting to realize that I’m going to have work on strengthening my back with a mix of yoga and strength training.



005 (5)1


I’m pretty much still at a standstill with crow. I’m just continually working on getting my arms straight and getting my knees into my armpits.

Simple Heron:

011 (3)2


I’m about the same in Simple Heron. I’m trying to focus on keeping my back straight and myself upright.

King Pigeon (Full):



 I actually got a real picture this week! I have to keep a hand on the ground for now, simply because I fall all over the place when I try to use both! I can get the other hand off the ground for about a second before I start to fall over.

King Dancer (Full):



About the same in this one, too!

Full Bow

021 (1)


Bow looks a lot better! I got myself so much higher off the ground this time around.


025 (1)


Okay, I obviously went backwards on this one! I’m still terrified, PLUS I was moving all over the place so it was hard to get a decent picture.

Happy Labor Day! If you’re off work/school, enjoy the last day of your three day weekend!


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