That’s what health is.

It is our own personal responsibility.

Last week in the lecture of one of my Exercise and Wellness classes, my professor said something along the lines of, “Every bite of food that you eat is either an investment in, or a debt to, your future.” Every single bite counts. Am I saying that one bite will make you or break you? Of course not! I’m not even saying that one meal, one day, or even one week will make you or break you. It’s okay to indulge.


However, when indulgence becomes a way of life rather than just an occasional treat, we’re being irresponsible with our health. I think about this a lot, seeing as my mom had breast cancer (I promise I will write about it some day!). Knowing what I know about my own risk, I need to focus on my own health even more than I would have previously. It’s my responsibility to do what I can do to keep myself healthy so that chronic illnesses, such as cancer, will not be an issue.

Sometimes I begin to think of health as a chore. As something that I feel like I have to maintain even though I don’t feel like it. That’s inaccurate. Health is a privilege, just like life is. I believe that God gave us our bodies, made in His own image, for us to take care of them and use them to live life to the fullest. Even if that isn’t your own personal belief, it’s clear that our bodies are fantastic and deserve to be taken care of.

This is why I’ve started to view my health as a responsibility, rather than a burden. This body is mine. I am in charge of it’s health and well-being. I know that if I don’t do everything I can to be healthy, I will regret it. I am blessed to have this body, and I’m blessed to have the chance to take care of it.


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