Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe the week is already halfway over. Three-day weekends sure do make the week fly by.

Yesterday morning, I woke up knowing that I wanted to do some yoga, but I wasn’t in the mood for my usual 15 minute intermediate sessions. I decided to try for a 30 minute advanced combination session!

I was already familiar with almost all of the poses, but there were a few that were new-to-me (and some that I just don’t regularly stumble across in my usual sessions).

Revolved Upright Big Toe Hold


I am able to get into this one, but only with a strap. ANDDDD my leg is still bent. But, in time!

Crane (Crow)


As you probably know from my yoga updates, I do crow regularly on my own. This is the first time that I have had it show up in a yoga “class.”



I thought this one looked like a piece of cake, but it definitely was not! I had to just grab my foot with my hands rather than place it in the crease of my arm. It was still a nice stretch for my quad, though!

Wild Thing


I LOVE the name of this pose! It just makes me happy 🙂 I rotated into this one from downward dog, so it was fairly simple. I’m not sure if mine looked this clean though!

One Legged Wheel


And lastly, the dreaded one legged wheel that continues to evade me! I just stayed in wheel for as long as I could before relaxing back into corpse.

I had fun trying a few new poses and doing a different “flow.” Yoga was just what I needed yesterday, and I was excited to be able to move up to the advanced level!

P.S.- For those of you who don’t know, I do yoga through the Yoga Studio App– I highly recommend it!

What is your latest fitness accomplishment?


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