Sleep Deprivation

You know you’re sleep-deprived when everyone you see asks you something along the lines of:

Are you sick?

Are you okay?

You look really tired!

Apparently I look like a sick zombie or something when I don’t get enough sleep. At least people are concerned for my well-being! The truth is that I have been getting to bed superrrr late these days due to work and homework. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people that can function well on little sleep. Actually, I’m a loser that needs at least 8 hours of sleep to feel okay, and that has NOT been happening these days. I’ve been getting around 6-7 hours of sleep a night, and the result has been a not-so-happy me.


Unfortunately my workouts have taken a hit. If I can even drag myself out of bed early enough to workout (a daunting task), the only thing that appeals to me is something low-intensity, such as a walk or yoga. Needless to say- between not enough sleep, crappy food, and little or no workouts- I’ve been feeling pretty run down.

I don’t work tonight, and I don’t have too much homework, so hopefully I can have a relaxing evening at home and get to bed early. Wish me luck!


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