Yoga Week 13 + Workout Recap (Frustration)

Heyyyy guys. How was your weekend? Mine was a nice mix of busy and relaxing. Friday night was dinner at Oregano’s with my friends. We had a great time eating pizza and pizookies (the bomb) and chatting away. Saturday morning was Ben’s sister’s bridal shower!



Bridesmaids and the bride!

We all had a fun time and the maid of honor did a great time planning and decorating. Sunday was mostly church, homework, and just relaxing. Ben and my dad actually watched football while I worked on homework, so it worked out nicely.

Here’s a look at last week’s workouts:

  • Monday- Rest (7,716 steps)
  • Tuesday- Jillian Michaels’ Level 2 Yoga Meltdown, P90X Ab Ripper X (16,760 steps)
  • Wednesday- 2.1 mile walk (12,647 steps)
  • Thursday- Jillian Michaels’ Extreme Shed and Shred Level 1, P90X Ab Ripper X (19,026 steps)
  • Friday- 30 minutes of advanced combination yoga (6,232 steps)
  • Saturday- P90X Ab Ripper X (7,202 steps)
  • Sunday- 1.5 mile walk (8,422 steps)

Yoga Update

After taking this week’s photos, I was left feeling extremely frustrated and discouraged. I did not make much improvement- in fact, I think a few of the poses actually look worse than the previous week. I guess I just have to remind myself to keep working through these days, as they happen every now and then to even the most advanced athletes.



012 (2)1

008 (2)1

Not any better, possibly a little worse. On the plus side, earlier in the week I was able to get one foot like an inch off the ground! I definitely wouldn’t even be able to hold it long enough for a picture, but I’ll take this little victory!



006 (2)1

004 (2)1

Moved backwards on this pose as well. My arms aren’t as straight as they were the previous week. I tried straightening my arms and totally fell forward onto my face! Looks like I’m going to need to build up a lot more arm strength!

Simple Heron:

011 (3)2

014 (2)1

003 (3)1

This pose is such a struggle for me! I’m trying to decide if I should focus on straightening my leg, lengthening my arms to where they’re actually straight, or focusing on keeping my back straight. Right now I’m trying to focus on my back, but I think I’m going to start shifting the focus to straightening my leg.

King Pigeon (Full)


016 (2)1

014 (3)1

Do I see progress? Possibly? I was obviously able to lean my head back further this week, as well as get my arm a little further back. I’ll take it!

King Dancer (Full)


019 (2)1


Not much to say about this one…I think it’s about the same!

Full Bow:

021 (1)


017 (3)1

Pretty stuck here too! My arms may have gotten a little better, but otherwise it’s about the same.


025 (1)


022 (2)1

Stillllll at a mental block with this pose. When I see the pictures, it looks so easy! I want to tell myself to stop being a baby and just let myself roll back! I can feel that my feet naturally want to fall to the floor, but I’m having a hard time letting them.

As you can see, there wasn’t much improvement this week. I’m frustrated, but I’m going to try to not let it get me down. I hope you all have a great Monday! Tomorrow I have some questions for you guys regarding running shoes!! I’m in need of a new pair, and my favorites are now discontinued 😦

Catch ya tomorrow!


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