Shoe Issues

Hey guys! I’m comin’ at ya for today hoping for some advice. I’m having some problems with my running shoes (I thought about titling this post “Is-shoes,” but thought it might be a little lame 😉 ). By problems, I mean my good running shoes have lots of massive holes in them and I’ve been putting off buying a new pair for way too long.

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Here’s the problem: I love my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s, but they’re now discontinued. I bought the Wave Inspire 10’s, and I do not like them at all. I wear them to work, but that’s only because they’re the nicest and cleanest pair that I have. To be honest, I just hate the new shoes. They are not as cushiony as the 9’s, they don’t provide as much support, and they hurt my feet and back. I tried running in them when I first purchased them, and it just caused a lot of pain.

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I begin training for my half marathon on September 22, and I know that I need to get a new pair before I begin. I was working out in my 9’s the other day and almost rolled my ankle because of the huge holes in the side! I realized that if I begin training in them, I’m almost sure to get injured.

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SO, here’s where I need your help! Do any of you have a pair of stability running shoes that you love? I definitely need stability, because I need very supportive shoes due to the fact that I have essentially no arch in my foot. I’ve heard a lot about Brooks, but I really just don’t know where to begin. Any suggestions that you have would be much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Shoe Issues

  1. I use Saucony Guides and Asics Gel Kayanos – they are my go-tos in the stability department. If you try Brooks – go with the Adrenaline… I used to wear them and I really liked them! Good luck to you!

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