How Life Can Change Your Schedule

This past week, I’ve been thinking about how much in my life has changed this year. In high school, I had a very set routine that I rarely ever deviated from. Even during my freshman year of college, my life was fairly structured.

In high school, my schedule went something like this: 

  • Wake up around 5:30 (or 6 if not working out)
  • Workout (some days, not all)
  • Eat breakfast at 6:30
  • Leave for school at 7
  • Go to classes
  • Eat lunch at 11:40
  • Class until 2:40
  • Workout (if I didn’t already)
  • Homework
  • Dinner around 5:30
  • Homework
  • Get in bed at 10

Now that I’m in college and working, my schedule is sooooo different. There is no such thing as “structure,” no such thing as a normal day, a normal week, a normal anything. My new “normal” is fast-paced, chaotic, stressful, busy- and I love it. I feel like I’m thriving. I’m learning, studying hard, working hard, physically training, learning to balance life.

Here’s what one of my BUSIEST and longest days might look like (NOT every day is this busy or chaotic, it all just depends on my school and work schedules):

  • Wake up at 5:30
  • Workout
  • Eat breakfast at 7:20
  • Out the door at 7:40
  • Class from 9 until 11:20
  • Home at 12:20
  • Lunch at 1
  • Homework (or blog)
  • Leave for work at 3:30
  • Work until 10:30
  • Home at 10:45
  • Eat some sort of snack at 11
  • In bed around 11:30 or midnight

A late start day:

  • Wake up at 7
  • Workout
  • Eat breakfast at 9
  • Out the door at 9:20
  • Class until 1:15
  • Home at 2:15
  • Lunch at 2:45
  • Leave for work at 3:30
  • Work until anywhere from 9:45 to 10:45
  • Head home, snack, get to bed

On days that I don’t work, my afternoons are rather boring. They usually consist of a lot of homework. If I’m lucky Ben and I get to go for a walk (my fav)!

It’s funny how things change. While I do often times feel stressed and overwhelmed, I really am happy with where I am right now.

the best part: on embracing change. | girl meets life.

What is YOUR schedule like these days?
Does your schedule change, or is it fairly consistent from day to day?
Do you prefer a consistent schedule or a varied one?


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