Negative Splits

Heyyyy guyssss. Happy Friday! Sorry for not posting yesterday, time got away from me and it just slipped my mind! I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog and homework this week! Any plans for the weekend? I work tonight, lots of shopping is on the agenda for tomorrow, and Sunday will consist of lots of homework and studying!

Negative Splits

Yesterday morning, I headed out for my third 3 mile run of the week. They’re getting a little old (already…yikes), but I have to admit that it’s getting easier to motivate myself to get outside for a run in the mornings…3-milers are becoming habit already!

Anyways, I’ve been struggling a weeeee bit with the runs lately. I’m finding myself taking walking breaks even on the 3-milers, something that I never would have had to do during last year’s training. My legs just seem to tire out so quickly these days! Typically, my quads get very tired and my calves get super tight (I’m working on stretching!).

photo (1)

Well, yesterday morning was just one of those “good runs.” I started out practically yelling at myself toย go slow.ย I keep reminding myself that since speed is not a priority for me, there’s no need to start out fast and burn out quickly. My starting slow strategy seemed to do me some good! My first mile was nice and slow- 10:46. My second was quite a bit faster, timed at 10:19. Finally, I ran my third mile in 9:48! Talk about some great negative splits! Forcing myself to take it easy the first mile really did help me feel refreshed throughout my run. It also doesn’t hurt that the weather is finally getting kind of nice!

Today, I just have a walk on the agenda. Tomorrow is my last 4-miler; next week I move up to 5 miles. I’m hoping to start out with the same strategy, slow and steady! Wish me luck!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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