The Fastest Shift Ever

Hey hey! Happy WEDNESDAY! Thanks to my fall break, this week has already been flying by (and I’m guessing it will continue to do so, because I have a pretty packed schedule until next Monday).

I worked last night from 4 to 10, and it was the fastest shift of my life! I looked down at my watch and was SHOCKED to see that it was already 7 PM! I start recovery (fancy word for clean-up) at 7:30, so my shift had seriously flown by. It was kind of nice, but kind of overwhelming!

Yesterday’s Run Stats

Today is a “walk” day for me (yay!), but yesterday I headed out for a 4 mile run. I didn’t get out until around 8:30 so it was totally sunny, but at least it wasn’t burning hot.

photo (1) - Copy

I was actually really surprised by my pace! I have to admit, I paused my watch when I took some of my breaks. I probably was actually out for about 45 minutes, but I wanted to make sure that I was actually running most of my 4 miles, not taking too many walking breaks. I followed my run with a 1 mile walk. It was a great way to start my day!

Have a great Wednesday!


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